Friday, March 9, 2012

When I die bury me in the clothes of my youth / photoshoot / part one

This is part one of my third year range photoshoot taken by Megan De Souza. The clothing was modelled by Carla, Chloe, Wallace and Kalhil, who were brilliant, funny and generous with their time.
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I burnt your clothes

Creating moodbards and storyboards is one of my favourite parts of the design process. These are the storyboards from my third year graduate range consisting of eight outfits.
Wallace and I
Lovely Ute

It took me a while to post anything because I didn't know what to post for the 'first post', anyhow thankfully its over now. Here are some more photos, some of them were taken on a trip to Hermanus for new years.
I have to get a 5000 word essay done, it really isn't bad. However I have come to the conclusion that i have no self discipline this will result in many late nights and cold cups of tea.
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